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You are Welcome at Netcall. During the last decade we have seen dramatical changes in the development and adoption of new technologies.  Technological changes are affecting every area of our social, economic and cultural spheres. These  involve, big data, the Internet, Security, Communication, Management systems and even Power Generation from natural resources. 

At NetCall we understand how challenging it may be to figure out which systems are available, affordable and dependable. Our team is closely monitoring technology advancement. Netcall’s experience in the market  gives us the ability to keep track of fast changing technology solutions. This way, we can provide guidance and assistance where needed to our clients. 

With NetCall, you can be assured of service through experience. As a fast expanding company, we help you overcome uncertainties through simple “fit for purpose” solutions that saves you time and money. Quality Products, Service Excellenceespecially after sales service remain our highest priorities at all times. Welcome you are at Netcall.

Products & Services

  • Fit for Purpose VOIP Solutions tailored around your specific needs
  • Save between 35% to 40% on your monthly telephone bill
  • Keep your existing number
  • You get Free internal VOIP calls under same business name and other office sites
  • Seamless integration with mobile phones and
  • High-definition voice quality
  • Completely Free remote support
  • Affordable Quality Solar Systems to fit your budget and specific needs
  • Professional Installations by experienced technicians
  • Customised Solar Solutions with 265% more power than conventional modules and
  • Up to 4,5% lower LCOE and 2,7% lower system cost
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Switch and save today 
  • CCTV Systems customised according to your specific needs and affordability
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Integrate with your smart home tech
  • Extensive product range
  • Private and Commercial Use
  • Create more efficient and secure operations for better commercial success
  • Peace of mind at home and at work

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