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Go rich

Go flexible

Go hybrid

aria ip-100

Hybrid communications platform for SMB

Seamless Expandability for SMBs

  • Dynamic system configuration by multi-cabinet architecture (KSU)
  • Expand up to 74 trunks and 140 ports

Rich Features & Applications

  • Integrated multi-level Auto Attendant, Voice Mail and more
  • Full compatibility with IPECS UCS, Communicator, Attendant, IPCR

Cost Effective & Expandable VOIP Technology

  • 16ch VOIP (Built-in 8ch, Optional 8ch)
  • SIP trunking, on/off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multi-site networking with minimum cost

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • Intuitive HTML5 based Web Admin

Web Manager Install Wizard with Multiple languages


Go rich

Go flexible

Go hybrid

aria ip-800

Hybrid communications platform for SME

The IP 800 is an innovative hybrid platform maximizing the cost and communication effectiveness for the SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) market. With a high-preforming new Call Server, increased VOIP functionality and embedded Unified system software, the aria ip 800 provides seamlessly expandable IP (Internet Protocol) and UC (Unified Communications) Capabilities to meet customer requirements.


  • New increased port capacity Call Server (up to 1200 ports).
  • High-Capacity VOIP with enhanced IP features (up to 12 VOIP channels).
  • Embedded Unified Communications platform in the system Call Server.
  • Enhanced system features based on the IPECS-UCP software platform.
  • Compatibility with additional E-LG applications e.g. IPECS-CCS, IPECS-UCS etc.
  • Enhanced Voicemail & Auto-Attendant functionality.


  • Maximum 1200 Ports (Extensions + Trunks)
  • Maximum 1200 Stations/Extensions
  • Maximum 600 Trunks
  • Attendants = 5
  • Alarm/Doorbell input
  • IP-DECT supported

External Music source input

Hosted PABX Solutions

This solution does have all traditional PABX features including but not limited to the following:

  • Internal / External call transferring.
  • Direct in calling to extensions.
  • One out going line per extension.
  • Auto attendant.
  • Voice mail.
  • Busy line indicator.
  • Internal / External call forwarding.
  • Hosted call recording.
  • Multiple pin code solution.

Low cost