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Netcall Solar Solutions offer great deals to help you switch and save. Every installation we do is based on professional workmanship and tailored according to your specific needs and budget. We help you to design solar solution that keeps you smiling during national load shedding events. 

At Netcall we understand the frustrations and confusions when it comes to choosing components and modules that are efficient as well as affordable. When dealing with Netcall, you can enjoy peace of mind and professional proposals that meet you expectations. 


HiKu High Power Mono Perc Module 435W - 465W

hiku Solar

Greenrich 3.68kWh Lithium-ion Battery

  • High efficiency lithium-iron phosphate battery ( liFePO4)
  • Maximum discharge rate of 2C (≤144A, Consistent ≤116A)
  • Advanced BMS for Improved performance and protection
  • Modular for an extended battery bank (≤16 Batteries)

Greenrich U-P5000 Lithium Battery 2C

  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • short-circuit protection
  • Low temperature charge protection
  • High temperature charge protection
  • Low temperature discharge protection
  • High temperature discharge protection
  • Charge over-current protection
  • Discharge over-current protection
  • Dormancy function
  • RS485 communication
  • CAN communication
  • RS232 communication

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Hybrid Parity (Super) Inverter

This inverter complies with IEC 62109-2 clause 13.9 for earth fault alarm monitoring. If an Earth Fault Alarm occurs, the fault code F24 will be displayed on the inverter screen /the LED indicator fault will light up.

All these models fall into two cabinet / PCB types 5.5kW (Small) and 8.8kW (Large):
5kW Type:
8.8 kW Type