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Netcall Service through Experience

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...Message from Jan Smit (MD)

Netcall Service through experience. “It is with immense pride and a tremendous sense of gratitude that I reflect on the past five years in Netcall’s history. A history that in years to come, will further highlight our commitment to service through experience.  Technology continues to change the ways in which businesses function. At Netcall our mission is to stay at the forefront of technological advance by offering clients the best and latest innovations.

With a combined 217 years’ industry experience among our staff, we are yet to be faced by a challenge for which we can’t find a solution. It is this attribute, and our drive for excellence, that will ultimately see NetCall expand to a national enterprise.”

NetCall is proud to serve planet and people with superior service, based on fair exchange for cutting edge solutions that help to uplift our communities. 

How we build a Fast Expanding Business

Netcall How to build a fast expanding business

NetCall was founded in 2017 by Jan Smit. After an auspicious start the company expanded its operations in Limpopo, Northwest, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape. NetCall’s growth shows  how one can build a  business in the communications sector by providing excellent service through experience. Further, by offering products and services on the basis of fair exchange, that fulfills the needs of clients.

Finally, its about people. Building relations by honoring the highest values in clients, as well as our dedicated staff forms the core success of our successful operations. 


To build a successful company with a national presence with service through experience


By fulfilling the specific needs of our clients with a dedicated team on the basis of fair exchange.


  • succeed through satisfied customers
  • value and empower employees
  • deliver excellence in all we do
  • provide superior return to our stakeholders
  • use technology to deliver market leadership
  • behave responsibly as a corporate citizen


We believe that no matter what size, every business is unique, and every business is driven to improve results. What is right for one business might not be right for another. It all depends on the business, its long-term goals, and short-term drivers. NetCall can help you fulfil the specific automation needs of your business. Our focus is to save you money by providing cutting edge technology at fair exchange.

How we choose our strategic Partners

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ICT Globe (Pty) Ltd provides IT solutions to a multifaceted information technology industry by satisfying dynamic, diverse needs of its customer base. Our technological solutions range from Internet Services, Network and Hardware Solutions to Integrated Telecom Solutions, and we accommodate all clients’ business requirements.
With a sound history of over fifty years combined experience in the information technology industry, ICT Globe is firmly established as a leader in supplying products and services that cater for businesses within the small, medium, and large enterprise range.
ICT Globe is one of a limited number of companies in this industry with a long record of accomplishment with effectiveness in addressing the diverse needs of a large and continually growing client base, spanning private households, corporate, academic and government markets.


Are the manufactures and developers of the MAN3000 Telephone Management Software & Hardware solutions. Operating from Johannesburg South Africa and in existence since 1989, we have a compliment of design engineers who provide new solutions based on market needs. We distribute our products to more than 25 countries totalling more than 650 dealers. MAN3000 is supplied to all PBX vendors in any country. Our products are easy to use, easy to install and provides great benefits in terms of cost management as well as time management, cost recovery and managing your telephone expenses.