About Us


The Company was founded in 2017 by Jan Smit & Martin van Ghent.

Vision statement

To build a company that serve our clients with the best possible technological solutions that suits them best.


Since our inception, we have operated under the guidance of six core values.

* We succeed through satisfied customers.

* We value and empower employees.

* We deliver excellence in all we do.

* We provide superior return to our shareholders.

* We use technology to deliver market leadership.

* We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen.

Our Capabilities

We believe that no matter what size, every business is unique and every business is driven to improve results. What is right for one business might not be right for another. It all depends on the business, its long term goals and short term drivers. Whether you are trying to grow revenue or focused on cutting costs, or simply need a better way to work, we can certainly help and provide solution for your business.

Business partners

Goldtel Industries

Was established in 1985 and supplies the communications and solutions sector with hardware AND SOLUTIONS. Our company focus remains the distribution of communications products and solutions via a dedicated dealer network. At Goldtel Business IT and communications meet. In the environment business can enjoy the benefits of true convergence. Convergence starts by bringing services together that enables people to collaborate anywhere, anytime using any device and network. Convergence improves productivity, value and convenience by working with ONE solutions form ONE services provider.

We have reliable connectivity at our data centre and have access to mobile networks including world class customer premises equipment establishing the foundation for a truly converged solution by converging fixed voice, fixed data, mobile voice and mobile data.

MAN3000 (Technical Information Systems)

Are the manufactures and developers of the MAN3000 Telephone Management Software & Hardware solutions. Operating from Johannesburg South Africa and in existence since 1989, we have a compliment of design engineers who provide new solutions based on market needs. We distribute our products to more than 25 countries totalling more than 650 dealers. MAN3000 is supplied to all PBX vendors in any country. Our products are easy to use, easy to install and provides great benefits in terms of cost management as well as time management, cost recovery and managing your telephone expenses.

Aria LG Ericsson

Aria Technologies Africa (ATA) is part of the global Aria Technology group. ATA is entrenched on the ICT landscape as a cutting-edge solutions and service provider to customers in South Africa and across Sub Saharan Africa.

ATA provides both Hybrid, IP, Hosted and Cloud communication solutions that strategically enhance organisations’ capability to effectively connect, communicate and compete in the Sub Saharan economies. ATA’s philosophy is simple: limit distribution to “Best in Class,” with the most appropriate solutions for the proposed markets, and back those products and services with highly skilled, comprehensive sales, marketing, training and engineering support.

ATA is well positioned in the increasingly competitive telecommunications market, not only as a distributor of innovative products, but also with the capacity to deliver specialized pre- and after-sales service. As an African based company, ATA recognizes and understands the continent’s unique business requirements and growing demands in ICT solutions. ATA has an extensive portfolio of end-to-end product and solutions that can be customised for client’s unique market requirements, with basic and complex VPN, Voice, IT and Cloud Services, Applications, Data Networks and Mobile Technologies. Apart from simple and smart networking solutions, ATA provides unified communication solutions to various enterprises; from small to medium business and for large enterprise and government.

Business Concept


LG Ericsson IP 100 PABX

LG Ericsson IP 800 PABX


Hosted PABX (Yealink Premises equipment)

Hosted PABX Powered by Elmntry Information Technology

MAN3000 Desktop TMS

MAN3000 DHS (Hosted Call Management)


Install & Maintain PABX with the highest sense for technical instructions and suppliers specifications.


Management & Ownership

Management structure

Jan Smit – Managing Director

Shirleen Bridger – Financial Manager


Ownership Structure

Jan Smit – Managing Director

Martin van Ghent – Director

Barend Johannes Gouws – Shareholder



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